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 Mar. 10, 2002  I took a shower.
 Feb 17, 2002  Holocaust documentaries are sooooo depressing. Why can't they be happier? Hey guys, you weren't ALL exterminated! Cheer up!
 Jan. 3, 2002  What's this rash?
 Dec. 11, 2001  Today I watched "My Giant", starring Billy Crystal.
 Nov. 10, 2001  Drank some lighter fluid and passed out in the bathtub.
 Oct. 28, 2001  I changed Black*Lung's name again.
 Sept. 24, 2001  Today I will smash Capitalism, right after breakfast.
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Welcome to my website.

Welcome to my website. I hate Rickenbackers and the Mekons. I also hate the Dismemberment Plan. I hate Capitalism too. I hate a lot of things, come to think of it.

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